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“Smart Home”
Live your seaside experience with intelligence

All the comforts of modern technology in your beach house

Arras Groupis always up-to-date on technological innovations and has a wide and specific knowledge in building Smart Homes, with high tech features, Internet connection and ideal for both comfort and modernity. Our team of experts in digital innovation and 4.0 technology is at your service to develop a “Smart” House tailored to your needs and requirements, in all its iconic beauty, famous all over the world, as a result of carefully researched design and construction, including the possibility to add a practical home automation, IoT devices and BIM methodology to create the perfect blend of excellence and harmony with nature.

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Plant engineering, home automation, IoT devices and BIM planning

We are specialized in the creation and implementation of innovative and highly performing projects

that guarantee housing solutions of true beauty and aesthetical originality, harmoniously combined with the highest level of comfort and the best quality of materials and finishes, to support and preserve the well-being of the person even in the smallest details.
From the FTTH system, (broadband for an ultra-fast optical fiber connection and satellite TV), to theautomation of lights and shutters in all rooms, up to the use of the most modern project management technology, BIM and IoT, to ensure an integrated, structured and monitored experience of planning, in each and every phase, from design, to development, to execution of the works, for a workmanlike result, including additional support with managing the supply chain of companies and individual suppliers who work with our team to make time and costs more efficient and to set an example of professional excellence.

that respect the planet

Eco-sustainability has always been the highlight of Arras Group’s rich offer of exclusive housing solutions.

The environment is a source of inspiration for our projects, its deep respect is a fundamental condition in the choice of systems, resources and raw materials used, which meet rigorous criteria of low impact for environmental protection and high standards of efficiency with the advantage of dramatic savings in energetic costs. From our green-oriented approach, we have created Arras Group: the protagonist of a new way of building, intended to bring nature and total wellness inside your homes, facing the endless horizon of the sea.


Enjoy the advantages of green building with our innovative construction model, direct result of consistent experience over time, and add value to your opportunities.

The higher demand of eco-friendly solutions has led us to develop a customizable offer tailored to meet every need, even the most sophisticated, and highly qualitative requests, to give you all the advantages you deserve.

Build your Smart Home in Sardinia with Arras Group - img-iot
Green Building
Beautiful landscapes and venues, inside and out

Our timely expertise in the use of natural materials, as renewable, transpirant and wholesome wood, we can guarantee the absence of humidity, a reduction in the presence of dust, protection against electro-smog and full respect of the environment.

Temperatures and low managing costs for the whole year

Our homes are fresh in summer and warm in winter, with a high-quality thermal insulator which consequently results in energy saving that can cut your expenses from 60% up to 80%.

Turnkey solutions and guaranteed delivery times

Our prefabrication process minimizes unforeseen accidents on construction site and allows to respect the estimated delivery times: only 7 weeks for the builder’s finish and 3 months for the “turnkey” solution.

Safe living

Our houses with external reinforcement in wood have higher fire-resistant structures, as the main material used burns slowly and in a controlled manner. Full safety is guaranteed, due to the fact that once a certain temperature has been reached, the surfaces carbonize, protecting the insides of the building, and also in reason of our professional and integrated methodological approach as a distinguishing feature of our work.

Seismic protection

The elasticity and lightness of the wood make it possible for us to build in any type of soil and climatic condition. The anti-seismic resistance of the material, tested to guarantee the highest levels of safety, in addition to our working and treatment model consolidated over time, amplifies the protection capacity of our homes from earthquakes.

Quiet and peaceful

Indulge in your personal oasis of peace and tranquility with our homes where perfect silence reigns. Wood is an ideal material for its sound absorption properties and our team of experts can get the best out of it with the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.


Arras Group develops the use of digital tools that allow you to create “smart” homes,
that are increasingly intelligent, technological and connected, in response to the new needs of
contemporary living and the desire of those who live there

Build your Smart Home in Sardinia with Arras Group - Image00004

Building according to sustainability criteria represents a great challange that Arras Group has always believed in. For our projects we only use systems that meet high energy efficiency standars, such as underfloor heating, solar heating, heat pumps.

All the resources and raw materials we use in the entire construction chain are renewable, of certified origin and guarantee a low impact on the environment.

Our daily actions are aimed at the protection and creation of value in the area in which we operate, creating buildings in which contemporary design combines with the quality of materials and the reductions of energy consumption, in total respect and protection of nature.

Buy your home!

Being the owner of a house on the Island means being part of a
unique reality: Sardinia and its sea, which always makes you dream.

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