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We buy
your property in 30 days

Instant Buyer is the smart and innovative solution to your problems

We give you the chance to reduce sales time and quickly receive our purchase offer for your property.
After our professional evaluation of your property, within a short time you will receive our offer.
30 days later
we will sign the contract with the notary.
We will acquire your property if it aligns with our search criteria, you will immediately receive 100% of the agreed value, without you having to worry about anything.

Why an Instant Buyer
Selling your house can be hard and unpredictable. At Arras Group we believe it
shouldn’t be like that. We helped a dozen of owners through our selling process,
making it easy and stressfree.

  • Evaluation within 24 hours
  • Safe sale
  • Online visit and purchase process
  • Simple process in just 2 minutes
  • Maximum transparency and advice

Traditional Market

  • Insecuritywhen choosing the consultant
  • Uncertain and undefinedselling price
  • Uncertain timing
  • Complicated and unclearprocesses
  • Many appointments and unnecessary visits

Check out the benefits of our Instant Buyer service.
Don’t miss this precious opportunity!

Quickly receive a purchase offer for your property
if in line with our search criteria.

Fill out the form and send us your request.
We’ll submit you a first purchase offer in a couple of days.