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A quality, customized
and winning design

An internationally recognized leadership, thanks to our attention to your needs and desires to guarantee the satisfaction of your senses and respect for the environment!

The design process used by Arras Group is the result of the experiences carried out by its professionals from its birth to today: a unique process, during which, from the first stretch of pencil on a white sheet to the last elaborate useful for the customer, every detail is designed to optimize and improve the project.

The different stages in which the process is divided are actually linked to each other not only as an order for the creation of a procedure, but also as a logic of using different programs that complement each other and produce all the useful material for the construction and sale of the project: the result is the preparation quickness of the works and their quality that leads Arras Group to manage in the best possible way the life of a new building.

A quality, customizedand winning design - Arras Group - preliminare (1)
Preliminary stage

The first approach is characterized by existing documents, the situation of the lot context, potential and criticality are the basis through which our designers create the first concepts of the project.

Ideas take shape in the CAD environment and especially BIM: this allows you to create, edit and rework the boards needed for the project throughout the process as a result of changes and improvements, and to connect with the same language all the professionals who are part of it during construction.

It’s the bridge that Arras Group creates between the construction site, the customer and the urban planning office: the synergy is born precisely in this first phase.


Defining the project takes place directly in 3D: rendering, animations and photo montages allow you to control and verify every part of the building.

In parallel, urban planning practice is carried out and presented to the bodies: the preparation of its papers is the responsibility of professional figures specialized in this process.

A quality, customizedand winning design - Arras Group - CAM_1_retro (2) (2)
A quality, customizedand winning design - Arras Group - 01 (1)

At this stage the project is defined in all its parts.

Arras Group monitors urban planning practice through constant contact with the offices in charge and prepares the optimal presentation material for the sale of the project. Depending on the type of practice and the technical waiting times from the town planning offices, the construction site takes shape at this stage. Thanks to the best software, our professionals are able to create highly photorealistic static renderings and project animations optimal for its presentation. Each image tells the story of the project. The IT evolution in which we are immersed has allowed Arras Group to use different state-of-the-art ways to “dip” interested customers in their future home.

VR (Virtual Reality) with viewer helmet allows you to experience firsthand those spaces that do not yet exist in the real world and that have been designed: the interiors of a house or the view that will have a certain window.

Everything is presented with a high rate of realism to help the customer view our design proposal and possibly modify it according to their needs.

AR (Augmented Reality) allows, through a smartphone or tablet, to view the new construction directly in the real lot, simulating with the use of the camera, the exact position in the real lot.

Anyone, with just a few taps on their device, can get a preview of what will be created from that moment to a few months.

A quality, customizedand winning design - Arras Group - Virtual (1)
A quality, customizedand winning design - Arras Group - 4

The 3D configurator allows the customer, through the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone, to move freely within the 3D reconstructed house and to be able to change materials and objects and interact with elements such as lights and doors.

Imagine being able to move around your future home and being able to view your choices in real time: wall colors, floor finishes, shelves.

Interactive marketing software: starting from a highly detailed and photorealistic 3D external reconstruction, the user will be able to select and view the housing units and have all the necessary information in a simple and complete information panel.

Choosing a particular unit will lead to the detailed display of the floor plan, renders, animations, and its configurator.

All the main information is so within an intuitive and simple to use application. The whole project is presented in a photorealistic way, with light and energy studies, and can be explored through different parameters, such as size, costs, exposure, etc.

Arras Group is proud to be among the first in Italy to have developed this service for a complete structure.


All the information you need, from the structure to the plant engineering

The Arras Group’s Works Specification is a fundamental tool to improve the quality of the final product and defines the work in its many aspects, as it illustrates in detail the execution of all categories of work, as well as the quality and provenance of the materials.

A document, therefore, that illustrates the modus operandi and the construction standards of Arras Group, with the aim of providing the customer with a series of information in relation to the materials used and the construction techniques adopted for the construction of their home.

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